With each service, you can expect to:

1. Use a solutions-based approach

2. Discuss current relationship challenges

3. Develop strategies for overcoming challenges

4. Create deeper awareness of your own behaviors

5. Receive honest, unbiased feedback

6. Unlimited email support

7. Field work to supplement session


Singles/Individual Coaching

Clients usually focus on:

  1. Vetting partners
  2. Clarify dating criteria
  3. Personal development

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Premarital Coaching Couples

Clients are Committed or Engaged usually focus on: 

  1. Communication
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Household roles
  4. Family Influence
  5. Marriage expectations

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VIP Membership – Lovers & Friends

Don’t you wish there was a Netflix-style subscription for relationships? Something like a low-cost membership filled with on-demand content for finding love and growing relationships? Well it’s here! Welcome to Lovers and Friends, the inner circle where positive couples and singles can learn with and from each other to grow healthy relationships.

Membership Includes

  1. Library of master classes and instructional webinars
  2. Worksheets, assessments, & other fillable documents
  3. Fun and engaging activities/Daily challenges
  4. Weekly live Q&A’s sessions with Anwar Taylor
  5. Published monthly calendars listing events
  6. Consolidated list of couples’ resources
  7. Relevant guest speakers (Fitness instructors, real estate experts, wine and food experts)
  8. Discounted price of 15% off coaching services

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