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Starts - Monday 16 of July 2020


Description of podcast

Anwar Taylor and his guests provide insight and help tips on aspects of a growing relationship that goes beyond love. This show explores how important healthy relationships are to life. If you’re single, dating, or married, and the goal is a long-lasting and healthy relationship, this podcast is definitely for you!”Become a regular “Love Listener” today by clicking HERE!

Guests on Built to Last are passionate about what it means to be in a healthy relationship. They have personal experience and a professional background that gives great value to our listeners. Who should listen tour podcast Built to Last-A Bond More Than Love. Ideal “Love Listeners” are people:
...who want to be in a relationship… …frustrated with the dating pool... ...tired of unresolved conflict... ...nervous about the wedding and beyond


Let Real Relationship Coaching
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Starts - Monday 16 of July 2020


Story from Anwar Taylor

Sarah started coaching with Real Relationship Coaching because she was tired of dates not leading to long term results. Within the first couple of sessions, the client discovered a few ways to change her approach. The client has gone from neutral to more optimistic about her dating life. Read her story below.

Sarah is a 30 year old manager for a marketing firm, and is from Maryland. She’s just finished grad school in Philadelphia, and has just been promoted at work. Sarah enjoys her work but it has been all consuming for her on top of grad school. She’s buying her first home, and has a good relationship with her friends.

Sarah makes about between $60k+ a year, and has disposable income for trips with her girlfriends. Her parents have been divorced for several years, but she maintains a good relationship with both. Sarah had a boyfriend before grad school, but the demand on her schedule was too much at the time.

Sarah is ready for love, but has been unsuccessful in her dating life recently. She’s a little disappointed in the dating pool, but is still interested in love. Some of her friends have gotten married in the past few years, so she remains hopeful. Sarah wants someone to give her some feedback and guidance about the men she’s dating.

Sarah learns about Real Relationship Coaching through her friend Rachel who seems more confident about dating. Rachel has told her the coaching sessions helped her see things about herself she didn’t previously know. Sarah, within a few sessions has learned better dating habits for herself, and thinks she found someone long term as a result of meeting with her Real Relationship Coach.